Free World United

In 2008, Eduardo Diez and his two brothers sat down and thought about what they were truly passionate about: t-shirts, the Galapagos Islands, and giving back.

With regards to t-shirts, the brothers realized that regardless of the abundance of graphic t-shirts out there, it's difficult to find a t-shirt that has what it takes to become a favorite. They came to the conclusion that a "favorite" graphic t-shirt has awesome, limited art, great fit and a brand that speaks to you.

The Galapagos Islands held a special place in the brothers' hearts as their second home. Thoughout their lives, however, they'd seen the islands threatened by a growing population, illegal fishing, and global warming. So they decided to share their inspiration with the Galapagos Conservancy and Cause Elephant and came up with the concept of creating a place where non-profit organizations could obtain donations through the promotion and sale of graphic t-shirts. 

Now, for the giving back. The brothers took their passions and founded Free World United, where every dollar earned is a dollar that gives back.

The founders of Free World United, brothers and graduates of the University of Notre Dame, were inspired by the university's spirit- the spirit to fight for good. Together they fit togehter the pieces of the puzzle and opened their online store to the public on April, 2012. Based out of West Palm Beach,Florida, their t-shirts are made 100% in the USA. 

The Free World United exclusive clothing line donates 10% of every item purchase to thecause of your choice. You can select the cause during checkout. Additionally, when they partnerwith a non-profit, they create designs tailored to the cause. For the purchase of every causethemed item, they donate $10 to the cause.

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