Give Grow Share

GiveGrowShare is a web portal that offers unbiased ratings, reviews, photos, and videos from past or current volunteers worldwide. GiveGrowShare provides a unique networking opportunity to connect prospective volunteers with service organizations and their volunteers. GiveGrowShare is essentially a combination of LinkedIn and Glassdoor for prospective volunteers, alumni and postgraduate service organizations.

With up to 10% of college students targeting full time post-graduate volunteer opportunities, colleges and universities are looking for a resource to offer to this segment. With GiveGrowShare, prospective volunteers from subscribing schools can easily research and evaluate long-term (3+ months) volunteer positions.

Volunteer organizations can set up a GiveGrowShare profile for free, increasing their exposure to prospective applicants, promoting the organization's message, and sharing available opportunities. By better informing potential applicants of the volunteer experience, volunteer organizations should also experience increased retention rates of selected volunteers.

GiveGrowShare is currently partnering with the University of Notre Dame's Center for Social Concerns to build out a beta version of the portal. If you have any questions, or if you're interested in learning more, please don't hesitate to reach out to Traci McMillan Beach, CEO of GiveGrowShare at or visit their website at