The team at Infiniteach believes every individual with autism deserves access to effective, high quality resources. That's why they're developing innovative, data-driven autism apps that help every child build new skills and gain independence. They are committed to working with the autism community to create iPad apps that empower individuals with autism, their families, and their communities. They have been able to work with parents, educators, and therapists who helped in the development of their first two apps aimed at helping to advance autism education.

Infiniteach developed a comprehensive learning platform based on a number of different evidence-based treatment approaches for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Infiniteach’s evidence-based treatment criteria consists of studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals that measure intervention using randomized or quasi-experimental design, single-subject, or combination of evidence. These guidelines are similar to organizations like the National Autism Center, the National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Association for Science in Autism Treatment.

Infiniteach’s learning platform is visually based to help children with ASD learn new skills. Visual supports are a variety of tools used to help an individual with ASD navigate their day, change a behavior, or learn a new skill. Additionally, Infiniteach uses highly preferred videos as positive reinforcement. After a child completes a desired skill, they are rewarded using a positive reinforcement. This method encourages a child to continue developing skills.

Katie Hench, an ’05 ND grad, is a former Special Education teacher turned co-founder and CEO of Infiniteach. Katie is a certified Structured Teaching trainer, and travels throughout Illinois training parents, teachers, and therapists on the development and implementation of structured autism programs. Infiniteach is a located in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago.

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