A Social Entrepreneur's Narrative - NGOs, "Learning Service," Cambodia, and Life Lessons


Location: C104/105, Hesburgh Center for International Studies


Daniela Papi and Andy Thornton will share their experiences in founding and running social enterprises in Cambodia and Ghana. Many Notre Dame students consider and choose to take part in volunteering abroad; Daniela and Andy will explain their lessons learned, pitfalls experienced, and possible pros and cons to volunteer travel.  Daniela will also discuss topics of leadership in NGOs from her six years of experience in Cambodia. 

Sandwiches and cookies will be provided from Indulgence.

Please email Lily Kang at jkang5@nd.edu to RSVP for this event which is sponsored by Irish Impact and the Gigot Center for Entrepreneurship. 

Daniela Papi graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2000 and believes that social entrepreneurship is key to further improvements in the development sector. During her six years living in Cambodia she founded PEPY, an educational development organization and PEPY Tours, a development education travel company. Daniela Papi is co-authoring a book on "Learning Service", designed to put the learning first in volunteer travel, based on the motto "we have to learn before we can help". She recently received her MBA from the University of Oxford via the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship.

Andy Thornton is Director of AfriKids, a child rights organization that operates in northern Ghana with the philosophy: "Listen to what a community knows it needs; Empower them to make the changes themselves; Ensure absolute sustainability." A member of the AfriKids UK team, Andy is at the forefront of delivering their simple, unique goal, at the request of their Ghanaian partners. He is also a Skoll Scholar who received his MBA from the University of Oxford.